The Dusty Martin Band

We're a six piece band from Magnolia, Seattle that play a variety of styles of music ranging from acoustics, country, jazz, swing, blues, and pop.


Mark Kirkland

"Guitarist, Vocalist & Manager"

Luckily I found the perfect people to work with. I've played the guitar for as long as my sister can remember and have always had a hand in some sort of entertainment. We've been working hard at it the last couple years, we have put a lot into this project and it has been a lot of fun!


Michelle Flowers

"Singer, Hand Percussionist"

Michelle has been performing since she was 5 years old. She has a background in traditional theater, musical theater, ensemble, choral, and solo work. She’s been seen around Seattle in such shows as “Reefer Madness, The Musical”, “The Rocky Horror Show”, “The Who’s Tommy”, and “Jesus Christ Superstar”.


Greg Korkowski


At Queen Anne high school, I met singer song-writers, Bob Morgan and Scott Lee. In 1972 discovered street playing at Pike Place market; met and played with PK Dwyer (The Live Wires), Don the bongo man (Chebere), and John Jernberg and later “Jersey” Bob Maguire (Home Cookin), and Lonnie Williams.


Chris Dollbaum

"Flutist & Vocalist"

Christopher collects flutes and plays them starting at the age of 15. Inspired by the Jethro Tull Band, he bought his first flute and joined a band with his buddies. Christopher has an extensive collection of flutes styles. Get him going and he plays like a mad weasel!


Todd Armstrong


I started playing in rock bands in Portland, Oregon in high school during the 60's. My mom brought a toy drum home when I was 2 yeras old - the first beat and I was hooked. I went on to play jazz in NYC during the 80's when so many of the greats' were still on the scene. Like Duke Ellington said, "Music is My Mistress."


Gordon Lockard

"Violinist, Guitarist"

I started playing violin since I was 8 years old and played throughout school and college. I played six nights a week from 1964 to 1973 and evolved my role as a promoter for concerts and festivals in 1967 to 1973. I've played music with Albert King, T-bone Walker, Rusty Drepper, Conway Twitty, Jimi Hendrix, Leon Hendrix.